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CHIMM from marketing has made a video that high lights the ebb and flow of the last campaign plus the player stats as well.

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tmanAll Leave is Cancelled - Return to Your Duty Station! Campaign 174 begins tomorrow, Thursday, July 16th at about 3:00 PM server time (PST). Do your part to raise awareness and get all soldiers ready and prepared. Coordinate with your side's High Command and prepare for launch!

There's a great video CHIMM has put together featuring the highlights and recap of the historic Campaign 173 within, we encourage you to watch it.

Campaign 174

Starts Thursday, July 16th at about 3:00 PM server time. Both sides come back to the battlefield with something to prove and scores to settle. Our High Command top leaders for both sides are:

  • Allied Commander in Chief - Jwrona
    • Chief of Staff - Foe
  • Axis Commander in Chief - Googs
    • Chief of Staff - Shagher

Be sure to get in-game when you can and support your side!

Campaign 173 Highlights

Take a few moments and watch the below video created by CHIMM and our marketing team which tracks how the map moved during our 66 day campaign. It was epic! From starting points all the way to the west - a stall - and then a map move all the way to the east. At the end of the video see the rankings of Top Players in all categories for the campaign. Some real dedicated and skilled soldiers out there!

Congrats and thanks to retiring Allied CinC Justinrot for his dedication and leadership to the Allied side

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