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The Tomahawk BGM-109 Cruise Missile is the newest model to be finished for my missile game project. The new model is one of two Cruise missile classes the USA will be able to field and use.

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Today I have a small news update from Interceptor Shield, after some trial and error I have managed to skin the BMG-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missile with a skin and bump-map so it looks good in-game for our testing.

So with no more delay here is a screenshot of the newly finished mesh!

United States BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missile

I am currently working on the other two classes of Cruise missiles for the United States to field and for NATO Allies to field. Also besides the current meshes for NATO and USA player I am working on I have also started basic outlining for the SAM SA-2 meshes for Russian and other countries to field as part of their air defense elements they can deploy.
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TheHappyFriar - - 519 comments

this game looks kinda neat. Is it similar to Defcon in idea?

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Panzert - - 2,161 comments

Once again, great work :D

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L0K - - 268 comments

Very cool :)

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ServoIS Author
ServoIS - - 126 comments

It’s like defcon only in the fact that it has missiles and nukes and any similarities end there. Interceptorshield is a Air defense and missile defense game covering all aspects of air defense.

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