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Post news RSS Insanity's Blade: The Last Open Beta! 4 stages with tons of new stuff!

Links to the full first chapter beta of Insanity's Blade: The Arcade (4 full stages with all boss fights, the shop and the map screen!) A big post about what's new and lots of images to ogle!! Enjoy!

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So we've been very busy over here trying to get one more big public update before we go into closed beta until the end of development. With the graphics update it's caused a lot more work but we feel the game has become much more exciting with the new graphics!

As usual nothing in this demo is final, we may change our minds about a lot of things here before the final game is released. Still a ways to go yet!

So here is a list of the main updates you will find in this demo:

  • 4 full stages of game play, stage 4 is in early beta but very playable! The entire first chapter of the game!
  • The shop is open for business! At the beginning of stage 2 and the middle of stage 3 you will find a shop rising form the ground where you can spend your hard earned coin on power ups. Not all power ups are available but at least you can check out whats to come!
  • The all new map screen! A more colorful god view of the Chapters as you progress!
  • There be dragons! Fly on the back of an undead dragon and beat the giant undead boss at the end of the stage! In full color 2d parallax goodness!
  • Options menu is closer to completion. Also randomly plays music until we get out Juke Box completed!
  • The three difficulty settings now do more than just set your lives and hit points. They also dictate how you continue after losing all of your lives. Easy - Continue at stage and check point, Medium - Restart at beginning of stage and Hard - No continues for you!
  • Massive graphic updates since the last demo release. The villagers have had a make over and, oh yeah, they are also prisoners you free through out the stage by pressing up them! Bonus XP!
  • Co-op is available in this beta but it still buggy so use it at your own risk!-Controllers supported for both Players
  • Tons of bug fixes.
  • And lots of other stuff I can not remember at the moment ;)

The intro will see an overhaul before the game is released as well as cutscenes added between chapters. There should be an explanation as to where the dwarf character comes from but we didn't want to rush it for quality sake! The stage outros are all intact but the text is not final. Especially stage 4!

You can get the 4 different flavors of BETA from our Greenlight page: HERE!

And here are bunch of shots of things you may (or may not :P) see in the new beta/demo!

So for most of you this will be the last demo you see until a week roughly before the games final release! We hope you enjoy it and please feel free to shoot us any concerns or bugs you may find!

And yes the 8-bit mode will be in the game. We may have to bump the release date to get it done, but I miss it already!Thanks for playing!!

Chris and Daven

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