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Quick checkup on what Tree has been doing, and again mostly bad news.

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'Ello everyone.
So due to my brothers lack of privacy I have now been grounded for the rest of the summer. Inn the Tunnels will be pushed back for quite some time, since I'll be going into my sophemore year in high school and won't be able to mod as much as I have been doing. Overall, I haven't done anything with the mod since... Sunday, which is saddening for me. BUT, I have been looking for job opportunities to buy myself a new laptop and then hopefully I can take a USB stick and take the files from there into the new one. So far I have been down to nothing ._. But, not letting myself do anything super stupid. I may have a new one before the school year ends. I've looked on Amazon for some old WiFi-compatable laptops and have found some cheap-ish ones. But, enoug rambling.
I will not be taking application forms until I know for sure I ill be able to complete Inn the Tunnels. In the mean time, I will post updates on the laptop and if I get it. But for now, let's stay on topic. I have been working on Chapter 1 of 4 since last tuesday, (which is only two days , then and sunday night) and I fixed this HUGE bug in my program. Level doors wouldn't cooperate. I have now, on estimate, 29% done on the mod and it's only been about three weeks of working on it. Let it be said, it's coming out beautiful! Being my first mod and all yeah. And I also wanted to share some milestones.
Currently, if I'm not being too cocky, we are just under 2000 on the popularity! It may not seem like much but out of 19000 some and being my first mod, it's well worth it. We have 8 watchers and over 1000 views on the mod! I love you guys, thanks for your consideration and support. I eel like a little show-girl thinking everything is amazing :D
But although that is that, I don't have any real news. Inn the Tunnels WILL be released, don't feel like it won't. It will be. Anyways, that's it, have a great summer/winter and hope to hear from some followers!
- Tree

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