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Hey all! I understand that there isn't much followers, but I would like toclarify some things.

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I bet most of you are wondering, what the gameplay is going to be like, who do you play as, and so on. First, let me answer who you are in the game with this "story".

I was pulled by my mom out the door as we were going to the new Fazbear World! My older bro told me how amazing Freddy Fazbears used to be! But, my dad said it's not such of a good place. Ha! I'll show him! Well, i'm only seven, I don't know much about Fazbears history. Well, this is a new beginning for them! I forgot, my sis is coming too! I hopped i the car along with my mom. My sis came running out the door. "Wait!" she yelled as she flew out the door. Mother spoke. "Don't worry honey, we're not leaving you." We drove out the driveway along to Fazbears. I looked out the window as the houses flew by. I imagined each one being an animatronic giving out pizza. My eyes become dreary, one nudge after the other, I fell sound asleep. "GAH!" I screamed. My mother looked back at me as something was wrong. "What's wrong, Honey?" I was shivering of fear. "It... was just a dream... I hope" My sister pushed me. "Ha! Someone's a scaredy-cat!" I shook my head. "Sis, you would've freaked out if you had that dream." She growled and turned her head. We soon arrived at Fazbears. I stepped out the car as we parked. It was huge! About as big as stores like Target! We all walked to the entrance. It was extremely busy, kids running around, animatronics peforming, and lines of Fazbear merchandise. Mother put her hands on my and my sisters shoulders. "Now you two, be safe! I will be sitting on this bench if you ever need me!" We both nodded and ran into the Fazbear aroma. We both came to a stop at the stage. "Look!" my sister said. "It's Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica!" There was a sign that said "Don't touch the animatronics please!" "Psst, bro!" my sister whispered. "I'm going to touch Bonnie!" I shook my head furiously. "Sis, do-" Her actions cut off my words. She leaped onto the stage. "Hey Bon Bon! Can I pet yo-" Bonnie interupted her and picked her up. "U-uhh, bro! HELP!" I ran onto the stage and kicked Bonnie in the leg, but, Bonnie opened his mouth and...

Well. That explains the main character, I guess. Anyways, gameplay.

It will be a first person free roam, but here's the catch. There is no nights. It is an openworld where you unlock areas of the building until you escape. You may save where you are in the building, and don't worry, it's bigger then you think ;)

Well, i'm signing off. Seeya!

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