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Just a quick welcome to the project. The third Captain Disaster game aims to take the space-faring nitwit to places he's never gone before, even to seek out new life and new civilizations (and stuff like that).

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Just saying hello and welcome to this project that we're extremely excited about sharing. Will try to keep this page regularly updated, for now we're working hard on the demo and hope to release it within the next few weeks.

We nearly have all the basic gameplay and artwork sorted for the demo, it's just a case of putting it all together now and adding more SFX and music, then testing. Development has gone very well so far and we're now starting to work on getting the word out, so if you like the look of the project please let like-minded pointer and clickers know!

We have very recently launched the Steam store page, so if you like what you see please head over there and wishlist the game. I don't need to tell anyone who likes indie games just how important wishlists are so... um... I won't tell you, even though I guess I kind of just did.

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