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I just finished Indev 1.0, which contains the Production System.

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Hi, I just finshed the ProductionSystem so I want to talk about it how it works.

The Productionsystem is just a basic System, there will be added more in the future, but it's enough for now, because I now can add the A* for the Logistic Network, but before that I will make an basic character.

So, the Productionsystem is for all production stuff from buying the raw material to selling the finished product.


Here is the Picture of the basic concept how this work, but I will describe every step of it.


First the ProductionManager updates the whole System once a second, because of Performance reasons. The ProductionManager updates the Machines and Assemblylines, both works nearly the same.

So, if a Machine or an Assemblyline have nothing to do, they send a request to the Workpiece- or Product-Manager. If they have a Job, they send a comand to the Logistic Network to bring the stuff, that the Machine Needs.


After the Piece has finished, the machine (or Assemblyline) give a command to the logistic Network to bring the Piece to a MaterialCenter(the plate on the ground) and then the machine sends a request and the whole process starts again.


If every entry in a product-workpiece List has finished the Assemlyline can start and if it is finished the Product goes back to the MaterialCent.
If there is nothing to do, the machines(and Assemblyline) rest.

To finish this post, here is a Picture of the concept stuff:

Productionstuff 1

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