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We would like to share with you the great reception One Finger Death Punch has gotten from the Xbox Indie Game community.

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We would like to share with you the great reception One Finger Death Punch has gotten from the Xbox Indie Game community. We’re so glad people are enjoying it and I really hope the PC version will be received with as many smiles. Please try our demo to make sure it’s something
you’re interested in.

DEMO: Mediafire.com

Eurogamer.net – 9/10 “One Finger Death Punch is an enormously generous and exhilarating combat game - one whose capacity for expression and mastery is far broader than its simplistic appearance suggests.”

Edge-online.com – 8/10 “One Finger Death Punch’s content belies its 80MSP price point as much as its controls disguise the depth of its systems.”

Thexblig.com – 5/5 “The game is an instant classic. There’s not a mark to be said against it. It excels in every possible way, challenging the best of us while still remaining pick-up-and-play enough that literally anyone could start in on it, and subsequently get hopelessly addicted.”

Xboxer360.com – 4.5/5 “This is definitely one of the Indie games you should be getting this year.”

Retrospiritgames.co.uk – 9/10 “I implore you to try One Finger Death Punch out as soon as you can as it's spectacularly enjoyable to play.”

Hadoken.net – 10/10 “This game is colorful, challenging and super-fun to play.”

Gnnaz.com – 5/5 “I love this game and can’t say enough about it. It’s legitimately my favorite game right now.”

Superpolypixel.com – 9/10 “One Finger Death Punch may appear like a simple web game with a graphically polished veneer, but beneath the deceptively simple two button control set up is a game with gobs of replay value,which overloads you with a visual punch and satisfaction rarely achieved from games with three times the budget.”

Cheatmasters.com - 9/10 “One Finger Death Punch is a game that one must definitely play in order to understand and judge it. This is all about the feel, and there’s so much of it as you play it more and more.”

Consoleob.com – 8/10 “One Finger Death Punch is definitely one of the highlights of the Xbox Live Indie Games service. What’s more is that it’s a game that makes you feel like a god if you can manage to find a perfect rhythm”

Thegamerteen.blogspot.ca – 10/10 “It's a must-have for any player of indie games”

Otakugaminginferno.blogspot.ca - 10/10 “In a word, this game is "Brilliant!"

Thecontrolleronline.com “Silver Dollar Games’ return is triumphant as One Finger Death Punch is one of the most purely fun and satisfying games on the XBLIG channel.”

Unknownaddict.blogspot.ca – 9.2/10 “Overall this is an indie title not to be missed”

Killjim.wordpress.com – 9/10 “the game is as varied and colorful as you've never seen.”

Gamerscoreaddicts.net – 9/10 “I recommend everyone tries this, even if it's just a game you turn on for a 10 minute bash every so often, you'll quickly see how addicting it is. Definitely the best Indie game I've played. I give this game an epic 9 out of 10.”

Zero1gaming.com – "this game is the bargain of the century; it harks back to a proper arcade title that you could imagine yourself spending an evening relentlessly pumping your money into whilst the girl you brought with you sits behind with her arms crossed and a face like toothache."

Youtube.com/user/ModestMajor92 - 9.5/10 “I cannot go on about how much I freaking love this game and I would recommend anyone buying it.”


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