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This mod is finnally release. Hope you enjoy the gameplay :D

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Greetings warriors of Calradia!

This mod was originally started in 2011 inspired by the classic film Kingdom of Heaven. But it never release until 2019, this mod has relaunched and remastered. Well, I can assume that this mod is much older than Mount&Blade 2: Bannerlord. Fortunately, it will be releasing much earlier than Bannerlord though :P

Note: This mod does not have any relation with other mod that have similar title of it, all the resources and code implemented in this mod are clearly stated in Credit below.

Mod background:

In 1187 A.D, two major religion has clashed in the Holy Land once again. Baldwin V of Jerusalem was pass in young age, and Guy de Lusignan become a new king of Jerusalem. While Saladin, founder of the Ayyubid dynasty, start to launch his Jihad, aims to reconquer the Holy Land and push the crusade out once for all. Will you fight for salvation as Crusader or become the sword of Allah? Or, would you like to end the misery of the Holy Land by your own way?


Kingdom of Jerusalem (The County of Tripoli is included)

Ayubbid Sultanate

Principality of Antioch

Principality of Armenia

Sultanate of Rum

Cyprus (Greek faction, WIP)

Features (What has been done so far)

Realistic siege system:

Siege weapon remaster: there are multiple ladders during siege instead of one, so you can flood enemy’s castle with your superior number. But be careful, the castle wall are no longer the single wall that made in Native, but it is based in historical figure that are deployed in scientific and efficient way, you will be attacked from multiple direction once you entered the castle. So, just like the real warfare, it is not an easy job to siege a well defended castle. There are number of weapons you can use in this mod.

Battering ram: Just like Bannerlord, you can break the gate with battering ram, and your man can rush into the castle directly.

Siege tower: A remastered siege tower that bigger than Native, it is taller, stronger, and you can even put your rangers on the top and shoot the enemy.

Siege from the ocean: There are some towns and castle use sea as their natural defense. But don’t worry, you can attack them from the sea! Unlike Viking conquest DLC, there is a massive siege tower on the ship.

Ballista: You can destroy enemy’s siege weapon or give mass damage by this deadly weapon.

More siege weapon WIP, such as trebuchet.

Realistic fight

Realistic fight and logistics: Lance will be break from great shock damage, and cavalry will get injured from falling on the horse. Except food, water and oat are also essential supplies for your troops. If you don’t have enough water, your troop will get tried; if you don’t have oat, your horses will starve.

Rebalanced arms and armor: All weapon are adjusted closer toward reality, you need to choose your weapon according your need. While heavy armor is not the best option, as it may limit your physical ability during the battle.

Loot system.: After a great battle, you can clean the battlefield and collect your loot, the looting time is depending on your skills and number of loots. While in freelancer mod, you can loot anything from battlefield, including the horse you get from the enemy!

Troop exhaustion: Your troop can not stand from long time march. You need to rest or set up camp when your people get tried. Otherwise, your troop will suffer and there might be a chance of rebellion!

Caravan raid: You can assault caravan in ambush, it would be the best if you can raid the rich merchant. If you killed innocent poor people, you won’t get any coin from them, and you will have some more troubles.

Sandstorm: In the desert of holy land, you may have chance to experience sandstorm, this will harm your moral and reduce moving speed.

Hunting system: The holy land has plenty of opportunity and danger. Poor peasant from Egypt may ask you to kill their local wolf and crocodile. You can also shoot down the eagle on the sky.

Massive and realistic battlefield: The battlefield is not random generated; they are all made by hand just like Bannerlord. It looks massive and immersive.

Outpost: Village is no longer defenseless; you can build an outpost to stop the raiding from you enemy. Well, if you have enough troop there

Cavalry charge: cavalry will form their formation in the beginning of battle, the elite troop will charge forward. You can experience the historical cavalry battle in the game. While the horse archer is smarter as well, they know how to utilize their ability to engage and disengage the enemy.

Sea battle: Raise the sail, boarding enemy’s ship!

Immersive system:

Historical religion background system: You can start as a lord, have their own fief and relationship network. Your family and religion background really decide what is your path. A Christian may find hard to live in Islamic society, while Muslim may not be trusted by Christian as well. This is the general social norm in 12th century in the Middle East.

Caravan system: You can start your business in the holy land. Find the guild master and organizing a caravan, you can get loads of profit from trade. But don’t forget that business always involve risks!

Levy system: Like in 1257 AD Mod, the only way to recruit regular army is from your fief. As a lord, you can organize for feudal army from your population, or you can gathering the nobility within your land. So you won’t have a situation where you can train a peasant to a knight in one night. But you can still look for mercenaries from towns and castles, or, you can searching for warrior who are wondering around in the Holy Land.

Freelancer: You can become a soldier under a lord, gain experience and prestige from battles. You can also get equipment from troop or loot. [Note: The Tripoli region is the best place for warmonger]

Historical scene: There are many scenes that are based on historical figures. And every NPC is working on their own business which give you an immersive experience in the Holy Land. It is still work in progress, but we will definently bring some more content in future.

Diplomacy: A enhanced feature based on Diplomacy mod.

Knight Order and Ghulam system: You can join the knight of Order, but you need to prove your ability toward order master, and swear your loyalty toward the God and never engage with any female. Then you can become a priest, take your gear and protect Jerusalem. If you are an Emir in Muslim faction, you can hire a slave commander, training loyalty and fearsome Ghulam slave warrior who can fight for you in Jihad.

Assistant NPC system: Once you have your own fief, you can hire locals to become your personal assistant.

And there are many more feature are waiting for you to explore!!! (as we simply forgot any other features we have add in this game :P)


Q: How do I join a chivalric order?
A: Whether you want to join Templar or Hospitaller, you need to approve yourself to grandmaster (More than 15 relations). After he approved your strength, you still need to approve to other two knights (More than 15 relations). Once you are done, you need to go to the headquater. The headquarter for Knight Templar is in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, you will see crowds and knights are gathered there, and you can talk to priest, but remember, you will go Christian quarter through Muslim quarter; while for Knight Hospitaller, the headquarter sit in the most flourished street of Arce, there is a great Cross stand in the middle of squire, and the entrance of head quarter is opposite of that cross. You need to enter the fortress and talk to the priest. That’s all you need to know. Oh, don’t forget, you cannot engage with any woman once you join the order.

Q: How do I recruit Ghulam?
A: First, ll recruit a commander in the castle. Then, talk to commander and they can recruit slave fighters periodically. The number is limited, you can only have (Number of castle*5+Cities*10) of Ghulam to fight for you.

Q: Why don’t you have plate armor and handgun in this mode? Isn’t it medieval?
A: This time of this mod is 1187 AD, while the plate armor in pop culture is actually after 14th century

Q: Why don’t you have Europa and Asian in or campaign map, and Eastern Roman Empire is not there as well?
A: The name of this Mod is ”in the name of Jerusalem”, which means the overall content of this mod is based on the Near East region. And we do have Eastern Roman Empire in Cyprus.

Q: Why can’t I found my own kingdom, is that a bug?
A: No, it is the actual setting of your game. Due to the current state have certain Bug, and we believe it is not realistic to found a brand new kingdom on this setting. But you can still role play as any monarch within this mod.

Q: Why don’t you have NPC and storyline?
A: Our NPC system is not complete yet. Right now we have some assistant NPC once you have your own fief. And we do not have storyline yet, but we are considering to add some side quest later.

Q: My game crushed we I start a battle, how is that so?
A: Due to the limitation of game engine, we recommend player to reduce the size of battle. 200+ would be a optimum, and 500 is the maxium number for high end PC.

Q: I don't like to font of this mod, how do I remove it?
A: Delete the file of Textures\font.dds, data\font_data.xml and font_data_en.xml within module file.

Q: My Mac does can't show any readable text, its mostly Chinese or random characters, how can I fix it?
A: Remove the font files as mentioned above.

Q: I found my resources or code has been used in this mod without credit, why is that happen?
A: If that the case, we are sorry about that. Due to long time development, we might used some resources long time ago and forgotten what we have intergrated in this mod. We kindly to ask you to provide the detail that what has been used, and we can either put your work into credit or remove the resources. We have no intention to steal any hard work from others.

Q: There is no Jews, Black and Women in the game, that is not historically accurate at all and may considered as *****. Could you explain?
A: This mod is not intend to discriminate any group of people, and we are aiming to make this game as purely historical as in real life while keep the game enjoyable. The missing feature will be added in future.



Polish environment

Sonyer's OSP

Al'Mansur‘s Helmet Pack and building pack

Custom Commander OSP Code

Diplomacy 4.43

Narf's Rus pack

Arabian Equipment Osp pack

Hispanian 1200 OSP

1257AD OSP

Barian and Saradin from Blood and Steel

Voice actors from Sand of Faith

Code logic from Viking Conquest

Map icon from Rus 13th Century

Special thanks to 12th Mod team.


Programmer: Ellis, big M (Director)

Designer and planer: Ellis, 古拉姆骑兵, 虫和尚, Tiejia008,湖畔骑士, Anna_Komnenos

3D artist: 虫和尚,Colin, REV,鋆哥, and other friends who contribute to this mod (Blood and Dust mod, 宇航员开飞机,马穆鲁克)

Text writer: 古拉姆骑兵, 湖畔骑士, HoloNesan, Anna_Komnenos

2D artist and UI designer: 莱恩,Ellis,鋆哥,虫和尚

Scene maker: 肄风, 海星,Cnpmthunder, Ellis, HoloNesan, Anna_Komnenos

Animation: 小铁匠,Colin


One notice my friend. I've seen a templar with cross and 4 crosses around it just as templar grandmaster is depicted in *sigh* Knightfall, which is awful and historically inaccurate as heck. It's flag of Georgia. Templars used one type of cross precisely in that period of time and it looked the same for every knight.

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