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Take a look at some of the skills we have been testing! These were mostly created to test our skill-creation tool, so don't take them too seriously. Oh, and please help us find better names for them!

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Hey, peeps!

Check out this video we prepared for you.

We recorded these scenes in-game, using one of the recent builds.

🚹IMPORTANT: Please read the disclaimer carefully! Everything shown here is a work in progress. Textures, effects, animations, lighting, etc., are NOT FINAL.

We wanted to show you some of the skills we've worked on.

These weren't exactly thought gameplay-wise, so we are aware of issues they could bring if used during combat in Profane.

The goal with them was to test our Skill Creator tool.

Also: we are really unsatisfied with their names. Could you help us think of better ones?

We are excited to really get this content out there, so if you feel like helping us, please share it!

Got any questions? Ask away!

WooGee - - 9 comments

explosive sheild seems kinda odd, everything else was long range, perfect for a mage, and yet the mage gets a shield that explodes around them?

me personally, id lean into the glass build idea a bit more, perhaps a quick weapon/ability with semi-low damage with an extremely low cooldown

basically a some revolver
imagine this:
dodge with blink
shoot magic

all in like 5 seconds

IMO, faster combat >>>> slow combat
gl from a game developer who hasnt even started making his own goddamn game,

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