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Post news RSS Improved operability graphics, etc. (UPDATE Ver 0.8.26)

In addition to the improvement of operability and the improvement of graphics, many improvements have been made to the details.

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*Added an operation method for grabbing props.

  • Added a method of grabbing when the button is pressed once and releasing when the button is pressed again.
     It is also possible to change the current operation method in the setting screen.
     In the default setting, the improved operation method (standard type) is set. Please note.


*The graphics have been improved.


*Can throw a plate on the work table and put it there.


*Made it easy to put things on the work table.

*Made the speed of the object thrown a little faster.

*The gluttonous man began to grow in size according to his satisfaction.

*The range of influence of meteorites has been made easier to understand.

*Improved the voice reading of character names when selecting a player character.

*Added a effect where the character returns to his original state after falling into the water, for example.

*The difficulty level of World 2 has been eased a little.

  • The frequency of meteorites and mammoths has been reduced.

*The difficulty level of World 4 has been eased.

  • We have made it easier to cross the World 4-4 corridor.
  • The distance to be blown away by a shuriken or dragon has been shortened.
  • The frequency of the Shuriken and Dragon's appearance has been reduced.

*Made it easier to grab things.

  • It is now easier to grab the object that the character is facing.

*Fixed an issue where items held in the hand would not disappear under certain conditions.

*Fixed a problem where plates could not be placed on the work desk under certain conditions.

*Fixed an issue where some achivement could not be unlocked.
⇒ Can unlock the game by playing again and reaching the result screen. It is not necessary to meet the conditions for the cancellation of the performance.

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