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Badlands are moving forward. Minimalistic and atmospheric.

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Hi everyone.

Project Badlands is still in developement!

To get better prespective of "what is this game all about", read this:

- Badlands is FPS with heavy focus on story telling through environment. It's set in Post-Apocalyptic Eastern European country, 6 years after world-wide cataclysm that made Earth almost unrecognizable.
Food, clean water and shelter is the only thing that matters now.

How game starts:

(Synopsis of Level 1 - "Just another Day")

Alarm clock wake's you up, announcing yet another work day. Locking your house, and walking down the stairs you see something different in your city that day, it's almost empty, and those who are left, obviously hurry somewhere. As you walk down the road from your home, alarm sirens are turned off, everything stands still for few seconds, then people rush to their homes, you do the same. Before entering staircase, white flash and large explosion knocks you out. You're about to wake up Six years these events.

Technical Side:

Game is made in minimalistic style, heavy attention to bump maps, baking lighting, and image effects, low poly models, Level 1 is the only urban level you're going to see, rest will be made in natural settings - forests, dry lakes, destroyed highways and villages.
Engine: Unity Free.


Three Weapons only:

-Russian Army Knife
-SVD (with scope)

2 Types of enemies:

-Foreign Army

Finishing whole game will take about 2-3 hours (depends on player's abilities). Yes, it will be short game.

Ammo will be scarce, you will be put into situations when one shot will decide if you survive or be killed.

That's it for now! Im off to create second map - Dry Lake.

Stay tuned!

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Will there be more stuff later in development

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