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NEWS and Information units possible countries and more

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We finished making the issue of the map and begin to distribute units and special for each major nation, we also we'll focus generic tree for other nations as we do not make a special, Rome will be the first to receive her, as Sparta and athens beyond mongolia and the United States

we ask that you keep sending ideas, especially in ideologies and events and possible nations to add.
if u want to participate in the project just so comment below or send a message we will add them.

Possible nations to later add:
shogunate in Japan




roman legion

roman triarii



need units for greece and arabia


Ideas for Sparta

Focus tree:

Lycurgus creates the Spartan Constitution

The Agoge is initiated

War with Athens

Peloponnesian League

Naval focus (Sparta had a powerful fleet, briefly under admiral Lysander they beat the Athenians navy and had their own marines)

Ephors Council

Defence from Persia (fortify regions or something, enable more troops to be trained)

Attack Persia (agressor)

Trade with Persia

Rome agression

Rome good relations

build walls around sparta (this happened under the reign of Nabis, a tyrant from outside of Sparta)

Helot uprising

Helot repression

Spartan defence against Epirus

Political Parties
The political parties could represent all groups of society, you should have the Spartan soldiers (homoioi), the Helots (slaves) and the Perioikoi (people that lived in sparta and were allowed autonamy, but expected to help Sparta in wars).


Sparta should have a slower technology research rate, slower construction speed, lower population (and growth) but better military factory output, very high national unity and better divisions overall than other countries

Hope this helps


-Have a Nice Day


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