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Imminent is a first-person psychological horror game in which the player will have to do the given tasks in order to unveil the mysteries and the future of the character.

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Hello everyone, this is our first post about the new upcoming project, that we are currently working on!

We are working on a first-person, psychological horror game with the project name: Imminent, the game is going to take place inside a house and the objective is for the player to complete the given tasks inside the house in order to start unveiling the character's mysterious future through a series of events that are going to happen.

We are going to give a small peek at how our level design is being conducted, by giving a peek at our level blockout and the placement of each room.

For the past weeks, we spent doing a lot of research and the games that we found as inspirations, are mainly Fears to Fathom: Home Alone, Inside the Backrooms and Infliction.

We too, have been testing a few mechanics that we intend to use in the game, more specifically the grab/drop mechanics (you can check the video on our bio).

We are going to share a few references of our research, a few thumbnails and color studies, as well as the leve and a video of the testing of the mechanics.

We hope you enjoy!

If you want to check and give us a follow, you can find us on Instagram at: Instagram.com

Here are the photos of the references:

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thumbnail 1


Here are the photos of the thumbnails:

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Here is the photo of the blockout:


Here is the video of the testing:

Thank you for checking our post!

Upheaval Games

Grab/Drop Testing - Indie DB

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