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Insight: Why we created custom ambience sound designs for each environment!

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Runic Rampage is all about brawling monsters. But between the battles are also situations where you can relax and take your time to explore the environment. We kept this in mind when we designed the ambient sounds.

Using royalty free generic ambience loops was no real option. Instead we decided to create a custom sound design for each level which consists of a very long ambience track, custom footstep sounds and sounds for environment assets.

Put on your headphones to listen to the different ambiences in this gameplay demo:

We focused also on emphasizing the feeling of each level by adding sounds of creeps you would likely encounter or props you would expect in a distinct environment. For example we added subtle voices of shamans in the Temple In The Woods and unholy humming noise in the Frozen Fortress or a sound of a swinging chain in the wind.

All this adds a lot to immersion and improved the overall feeling of the world in Runic Rampage.

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