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I'm back for some strange reason, and I'm going to finish this mod.

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Hi. Haven't written one of these in a while.

So, as you read in the title, I am back. But not for long. My last article was about how the level editor was giving me crap and wouldn't let me finish the mod. Well, here's what happened after that. To put it brief, more problems arose, like levels not working for no apparent reason, problems with entities and models to the point where I got so frustrated I quit modding for amnesia.

And now I'm back modding for amnesia again. Why? Well honestly, because I want to see this mod done.

For the past four years this has just been sitting on my computer collecting dust. I tried modding for SOMA when that came out, but the lack of creative room and the complexity of the scripts diverted my attention from it quickly. I came back and played what I'd done of this mod every once in a while just for memory sake but recently I'd been thinking about the mod more and more. I'd worked so hard on the mod up until the point I stopped working on it, and after reflecting on it, I decided, fuck it. I'm finishing this junk.

I'm not back for good though. I'm only back until the mod is done. Once it's finished, I'm gone for good. I would like to start working on personal projects involving writing and music, a passion of mine I'm hoping to pursue in the future. As for progress on the mod, I've fixed all the problems, except for one (the first map keeps crashing for some reason) and I'm working on one of the final maps.

I've been working on this constantly since my quest to finish this, and I plan to change some of my original plans. I began working on this mod in 2014 when I was only 12-13 years old. Now, at 17, I plan to polish and finish it to the best of my ability. I also plan to add an extra little feature just so that not all my work goes to waste...

Anyways, yeah. I'll update when something interesting happens. Good day. =D

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