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What is this "Idea" game I have created? Read more to find out...

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Hello everyone! For those that may know, yes I am the creator of Arete: Skyward. So why am I uploading this in the middle of Arete's production? I'm doing it to get the main point of this game across, via the forum.


What is it?

Idea is a game I thought of a while ago and decided to create fully, but there's a catch to development, it requires something important: The community! That's right, Idea is a game that will use your ideas to create a completely random yet fun game!

Where can I upload a suggestion?

At the moment I haven't created the forums, but by the time this goes live I will have completed it. Basically, on the Forum there will be a User Suggestions category, with three boards within it: Levels, Characters and Other.

How long are suggestions available?

At this rate I don't have a specific date, and I do not plan on closing suggestions. I plan on making this a game that will update with new content when other content has been approved by me.


I hope to Steam Greenlight this once it has enough content, then I hope to release it as a Free To Play game if It is accepted into the Steam community, which will not be happening for a while.

Thanks for reading.

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