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Full version of Stellar Dust is out! Stellar Dust is a 2D Space Shooter with semi-open world and RPG elements.

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Link to the game : Hyperstellar-games.itch.io

Inspired by classic space shooters but you can freely move around, explore many sectors with cool space hazards, level up, change and upgrade your spaceships and complete quests. The game emphasizes on light effects and dynamic gameplay with large variety of weapons, player spaceships, enemies and sectors to discover. There is a wide range of spaceships with different playstyles from small fast fragile scout to big heavy frigates and capital ships. Each ship have 3 weapons to choose, ability, secondary weapons/usables on ammo shared beetwen all ships and drones. In many quests you will encounter epic battles with dozens of ships at once.

After a long time of development of this game it's finally out and content is for about 10-15 hours depending on if you want to discover everything and test all of the player ships. Gameplay is also fun and challenging so it gives a lot of replayability :) . If you want to give me feedback here is a link to my discord server : Discord

Content of the full version includes :

-37 player spaceships

-73 enemies

-25 sectors

-16 different secondary weapons and drones types

-25 quests

I also updated the demo :

-New tutorial

-UI improvements


-Vsync option and separate audio options

-More sound effects and sound effects improvements

-Bugs fixes

-Other small changes

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