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Existing Linux Desura players may update to a newer version where the balls don't stick to the flippers as much as before; meanwhile the official build has been demoted to a Beta until they get permanently fixed.

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Bad news pinball wizards: I still haven't pinned down the cause of the ball sticking to the flippers in the Linux version. However, I did change a few things that make it less frequent, and posted an update for existing Desura players.

If you don't have Hyperspace Pinball but are willing to give it a try despite its problems, you may download it in beta form from the downloads section at Indiedb.com .

I have no ETA for the fix; I may have to rewrite how I handle the flipper physics entirely. It took weeks to get it to work decently on the PC because the high velocity movements aren't natively well handled by the engine, so I'm pretty much back to square one.

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