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Hustomten has now arrived on Steam- Start collecting those snacks!

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Hustomten is a Christmas themed arcade-style game with horror elements.
Collect snacks to keep your resident house elf happy until midnight of Christmas Eve.

We have all heard the story of Santa Claus. But have you heard the one about the house elf? Most homes have one and certainly all farms have at least one farm elf. They are called hustomte, or “nisse”, and look like a small person; often with a long beard and pointy hat. They live in the barn, under your floor or in the attic and other nooks and crannies. The hustomte helps protect your home and tend to the farm’s animals, as long as you remember to put out snacks. However, if you don’t, bad things will happen...

Will you be able to bring enough snacks for the Hustomte by the stroke of midnight?

Hustomten is now available on Steam!

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