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There are a lot of changes in the game mechanic. This is just mod for Mount and Blade Warband. Or you can say: This is an overhaul mod for MB: WARBAND. There are certain features which you can find by yourself, but this info isn't any spoiler. It just explains how to play to get most fun of this mod.

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  • You have a complete freedom, there are no anti-cheat restrictions.

  • This is singleplayer mod, howerver some options are possible to multiplayer (some weapons, armor sets, etc.)

  • Game can be very hard at the beginnig, but becomes easier later (or not! I did a lot to keep "hardness" of the game. )

  • Cheating character atributes could make game fun, but very easy

  • You should not wait too long for anything to happen. Act quick, because every day game will spawn bigger and harder parties. Castles and towns will have bigger parties. All of them every day would gain additional XP, also parties would spawn with better XP.
  • I play this mod this way: I reset level at 10, and cheat to make it 1 again, then again I do it at 20, 30 and so on.

  • There are elite troops that have 40, 45 and more levels. I like this game to upgrade levels quick so at start mod is like that: player_xp_multiplier = 12.0, hero_xp_multiplier = 12.0, regulars_xp_multiplier = 12.0 – just change it to lower numbers if the game is to easy for you. But you will need a lot of time to upgrade to the best units in the game.

  • Look very carefully where you move – there are a lot of parties that are ultimately superior to your party especially at the beginning

  • You can always go to any lord and work for him as a mercenary to gain some experience

  • There are special scenarios – use them if you think that "normal game" is to easy, or if you want to start from a certain point without grinding – you can start with a single castle, town, or even a small duchy. However your items will not be very good. Believe me, even if you start as a duke you will find a lot of space to improve

  • If ou choose any race that is NOT human male you CAN NOT marry (I am working on this)

  • There are many different kinds of weapons – so just try to learn which weapon works with what kind of ammo.

  • This can be your short guide: all magic weapons (staves, magic books) and all energy weapons (laser blasters and energy capacitors) and of course all crossbows work as a crossbows and crossbow bolts.

  • Techno mages energy bows and bolts, and of course all bows and arrows works like bows and arrows

  • All blackpowder weapons, modern weapons work as firepower. This means animations, and proficiences.

  • You will find that factions are a bit unbalanced. This is intented. This way, you can choose easier or harder way of play.

  • Remember, each faction have regular and elite troops. Regulars can be upgraded up to a certain point (20-30 lvl). Elite troops can be hired if you free them from being captive (from other parties) or you can build certain buildings – mostly in castles.

  • This way balance between towns and castles is more important. Towns have mostly economical buildings and castles have military improvements.

  • Chaos. This world is extremly chaotic. There are dozens of troop tiers and many ways of upgrades. There is a lot of factions and minor factions. This mean that for the first-timer or even veteran it will be hard to remember or understand all nuances between troops, weapons and so on. My advice: try to use troops belonging to one-two factions.

  • Why I allowed to this chaos? Well there is depedence, the more freedom I give to player, the more chaos you will get. I wanted almost total freedom for the player.

  • Weird, strange. Mad. Even crazy. This will be on your mouth if you think how to call this mod very often. "Normal" mods – there is lot of them, this is something different.

  • More shooter, arcade than simulation. There are a lot of ranged weapons, so now Paradigm are heavily dependant on shooting, firing. It is also more like arcade slasher than simulation. It is because of weapons speed, amount of damage. This is about player experience.

  • Ranged weapons are more powerful, and in certain situations just one shot can take you out of the battle. (Sanitarium Conspiracy inquisitors can throw devil's and demon's head – they are inaccurate, but do damaga up to 255(sic!) points. Why is that? Because as we all know very well, there was a single strategy which could provoke enemy to attack. Yu just sneak and kill just one unit from the army. So at most battles there was only one strategy – sneak, wound and run. Now it is still possile (besides Paradigm uses PBOD mod) but it is a lot more dangerous. If you try to sneak at Morlok sniper, Sarranid sniper executors or any other good ranged units you can be sure that within few shots you'll be dead. It'll be easier when you got legendary armour, but they are very rare, and cost lot. Even then – one hit from Demon head thrower an you are dead. This also is more about player situation than overall tactics.

  • If it comes to strategy, you can build your armies as you like. If build on ranged units – one powerful charge can destroy your ranks. There are factions which will probably charge get on to you, before you could say "Ranged units! Fire!" :)

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keep up the good work. (:

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