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Post news RSS How Players are Driving the Story in City of the Shroud

See how players are driving the story in City of the Shroud's Kickstarter-exclusive story preview.

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The second episode in the backer-exclusive story is now live! When backers played the story this past week, they were driving change in the game world. Their choices of whom to support have been felt, and the plot is responding…

We’ve updated the game to 0.0.9 and added a new stage for you to try, pictured above! Check www.abyssalarts.com for patch notes.

Episode 1 has already revealed a crack in the alliance between Zem and Azura. Bound by pragmatism and a shared appreciation of the other’s ruthlessness, their unity has nonetheless been shaken by this theft. Zem, known for her capriciousness, must answer to a city that has judged her guilty - and as her allies flock to Azura and Navid, she must make new alliances, and fast. Meanwhile, as Navid gains power, he seeks to wreak vengeance on the woman he holds responsible for his city’s downfall. But Azura is a dangerous enemy to have…

Here's what that looks like:

All that from one week - now imagine how much more we can do in the full game!

How did this all come about? Our community-driven story system!

When this campaign started, the three factions in the exclusive story were equal. Zem, Azura, and Navid had the same amount of influence in Iskendrun, and alliances were in place. Zem and Azura, being connected through trade and having similar personalities, got along well, while Navid despises both of them: Zem for her corrupting influence, and what he views to be a willful ignorance of Iskendrun’s needs, and Azura for what he views as greed and a lack of sympathy for those less fortunate. Navid, in turn, is disliked by Azura and Zem for his pretentiousness and his claims of piety while he acts without morals when no one is looking.

After you saved the Hat Merchant from a loitering Brute and his Gunner friend, your choice of ally began to ripple through the city. Some of you chose Navid, some chose Zem, and others chose Azura; this resulted in a change in the balance of power. If you play episode 2, you’ll see the effect this has on the city, and your quest...

zem talking

What a delicious tale you’re weaving! Azura, mistrusting an ally; Zem, believing in someone who may no longer hold her interest at heart; and Navid, presented with an opportunity to damage someone he wants gone from the city.

This preview is a small sample of what we can do in the final game, but hopefully you see what sort of influence your choices have on the city, no matter how small they may seem...

Back us on Kickstarter to get access to the backer-exclusive campaign!

And be sure to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

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