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I've always said "I'm making progress"; but how much progress, specifically?

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How much progress have I been making?

Therium-2's in Beta Stage, as I've said before. Every single day passing gets me closer to releasing Therium-2 and calling it finished. Productivity has been getting pretty good, too.

But exactly how close is Therium-2 to being finished? "Very" isn't very specific. Just to answer that question for both you and me, I made a list of every single level in Therium-2 and its status. It also helps me count how many levels are planned and/or developed.

So, without further ado, here's the list. I decided to link it on Pastebin just because of how large the list is.

  • 39 Levels are planned.
    • 17 of these Levels are cutscenes.
  • 1 Level doesn't need any cutscenes made. Every single other one needs cutscenes.
  • 2 levels for the C path have been made.

Don't consider anything on this list final. "Hub" isn't even what you'd expect from a level called "Hub". "Dream Cutscene" might not even be in the game. When I list "Gateways" in the list of symbols and what they mean, those mean transitions from one level to another.

Therium-2 When.

I'd expect Therium-2 to be released within this year, at the very most. If Wolfire fixes a226's Dialogue Editor, then I'm probably going to get the dialogue in each level done by November (at the most). I expect it'll take about a month to fill each level with secrets, notes and environmental storytelling.

I'll also point out how big that is. Environmental storytelling. Every single level in Therium-2 tells the story of the Ancients, Beetles, Cinderbreathe, and even Arliss through statues, objects, notes, architecture and visuals. Almost all of the environmental storytelling itself is conveyed not with notes, but subtle cues and hints. A cleared, empty space that shouldn't be empty is deserted for a reason; it's up to you to figure it out.

I hope every player analyzes their surroundings as much as I've focused on them. I'd say half of Therium-2 is focused towards gameplay and interacting with enemies, and the other half is exploring, lore, environments and cutscenes.

A lot of the work I'm doing right now involves spoilers, so I can't stream any of it; but I'll definitely stream work on the C & D paths. I'm really looking forwards to developing those paths, too. The A & B paths are always situated in camps, outposts, temporary structures, ancient sites & ruins, etc.

The C & D paths, however, are always in areas where people from both the Cinderbreathe and Beetle factions sleep, eat, and talk to each other. You'll find more 'interaction', so to say. Of course, A & B is still detailed with plenty to find and discover.

I'm really looking forwards to hearing everyone's feedback upon release. 'Til next time.

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