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Hello there, IndieDB community! It's been a while since we last shared news with you, and we got plenty of updates to show you. We will start with what we achieved in our Housing System so far, which includes some in-game testing footage. We hope you like it!

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Let's bring the 🏡 house 🏡 down with today's post 😏(there's a fun video at the end too!)

Back in November, we talked about our plans for the Housing System. To help refresh your memory, here are some key points we mentioned:

  1. Houses are a key element to the game's dynamic. It's where you will be able to safely store your belongings;

  2. You will have offline protection to your house through an item which will give it a certain amount of shields that can only be depleted every few hours;

  3. You can pick anywhere to build your house, as long as it respects the terrain and collision with other objects in the world;

  4. There will be no modular building. You will plot a pre-made model of a house, which will have different sizes and designs available;

Since we've made some progress with Housing since then, we thought we'd share some of it with you, along with some new information 🥳

⚠️ The images you see here are a work in progress! Especially the 3D models, alright? So be kind 😇

In a recent post, we let you know that houses will be crafted through the Architecture proficiency. We are considering letting players buy house contracts from NPCs too, but we'll have to look more into it. How would you feel about something like this? Perhaps involving having some reputation with them? Let us know!

We want houses to be fairly accessible, since it's an important factor for a player's progression in the game. It would be interesting to add its construction in the tutorial, having the player learn about material gathering, crafting and "rewarding" them with a simple house for starts. Oh, and if you're more of the nomad type, don't worry: we want boats to sort of fill this function too.

You will be able to share a house with friends and other players, as Profane will have a co-ownership system. You can add other players to a list that will allow them to have free access to your house, for instance.

You won't be limited to a single house, either. You will be free to build as many houses as you wish, but keep in mind that their maintenance might get expensive in case other players constantly try to bring them down.

If you get tired of the view or your neighbors (or for whatever other reason), you will be able to move your house somewhere else, too. Just don't forget to move your belongings somewhere first, since anything you own that is stored in the house will be dropped to the floor once the house is removed, alright?

We also want you to be productive inside your home, if wish so! You will be able to plot different workstations (more info about them coming soon™️) inside of it, so you can work on your crafts without having to worry too much about your surroundings. This includes the cooking station, so if you wish to simulate having a kitchen in your house, you can! Just don't forget to manage your space well, so you don't run out of room in your house. Apart from workstations, we also want players to be able to plot dummies in their houses, and to have dummies working as armor stands too. This way you may have different armor sets displayed on these dummies and quickly swap them for your currently equipped set of armor.

The last images show some of the 3D models we have. See the stone foundations underneath them? That's something we are working on to allow players to build their houses in steep terrain.

If you place them somewhere plain, the foundations won't be necessary.

There are two other features we are considering, and we would love to hear your thoughts on them, to help us decide:

  1. Currently, our only plan for the bed in your house is for it to work as a spawn point. But perhaps you would to be able to "sleep" on it, as a cosmetic feature? How would you like that?

  2. In our previous post, we got asked if players would be able to build roads, parks, and such, to help create a player city. Currently, we think this could get too demanding for the server, but perhaps there is a way to work around that. How would like a feature like this?

During the Pre-Alpha, we tested 4 different house models (one of them being a guild hall), and we are now creating even more variations, with different sizes and designs that also change their foundation, so you're able to place them in steep terrain too (like some of the images with 3D models show)! If you're like me and have been dreaming about that secluded house or village up in the mountains, now you got one more reason to be excited about Profane 😁

Oh, we also did some tests with house plotting, and it's getting interesting. Here's a video with some footage of that. There's a small mistake where we repeat "Inside a cave, perhaps?" when we meant to say "Or on top of a mountain?", sorry about that!

Bye! 👋

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