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Last Friday I released my first horror game "The Unknown". Now I'm in the process of letting people know that it exists. I hope that it will sure creep you out.

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Horror Game "The Unknown" Release

I'm the only one developer for The Unknown. I've been working on my first game "The Unknown" in pretty much all of my spare time for over 4 months. I eventually released it last Friday and I'm in the process of letting people know that it exists!! I got it out now for 1.99 us dollars on Windows.

The Unknown is a horror game that I as the one who likes to play horror games very much wanted to play. I wanted it to creep you out with the atmosphere, events and creatures but not that ordinary jump-scare things. I wanted it to be different from other games. I wanted it to be creepy as hell because it's the horror game, people want to play it because of horror. If it is not creepy, how it can be a horror game?? The challenge of making this game is how to design it to be as creepy as I wanted. And I hope that it's as creepy as what you expected or beyond your expectation.


You play as the famous explorer who has been sent by someone to explore this isolated and abandoned land.


In The Unknown you explore the land, the atmosphere. Encounter the mysterious notes that should tell you why it was abandoned. Explore and observe what was happened?? Get back to the helicopter to get out of this horrifying land.


Check out my game trailers!

Check out my studio Fanpage!

Buy the game now here!!

Thanks for checking in!!

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