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Post news RSS Hoops Manager is now available for download on Desura

A brand new and unique basketball manager game - Hoops Manager is now available for free download on Desura.com both as a standalone download and by using Desura.

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Do you have what it takes to become a basketball coach?

Hoops Manager is a basketball manager game which puts you in charge of a youth basketball team. Your objective is to develop the team and the players and compete against other teams to win the championship. The player is required to create practice plans, adjust strategies, manage players, coach during games, and manage finances among other things.
The game features realistic player and team development. Your plans and your player's talent will determine the improvement of the squad.
The actual games give you a lot of freedom as a coach. You can do most of the things a real coach can do - make substitutions, take timeouts, check stats, change strategies, give orders.
The player AI is designed to be as realistic as possible. Whether you win or lose is determined by the quality of your players, your strategy, your decisions during a game, and of course by your opponent's strength. You will see how the improvement of players will have a noticable effect on the games. They will start to score more, they will obey your instructions more, and they will be able to stop opponents from scoring.
The business part of the game is also a lot of fun. You are able to negotiate with companies to help the team financially. Each company has different objectives which you need to fulfill in order to get a better deal. You use your money to buy upgrades, which allow you to practice more, to take the team to different events to increase morale, and also to participate in off-season tournaments which have a great effect on your team.
You can also compete with other players. Your high-score is uploaded on the game's website, so that you can see how you compare to other players of the game. In addition, if you win the All-Star tournament in the game, your team will be imported into the game, and will become part of this All-Star tournament.
These are just some of the features of the Hoops Manager gameplay. To find out everything, download the game now! You will only need to make a quick registration on the game's website, and you can start your coaching career!

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