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Join us as we talk about our next update which will include Steam Workshop integration and other improvements as well.

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Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox- February Development Update

From The Team

Well HB14 has been out since December and we are pleased to announce the next update will be out very soon. The major focus of our next update will be Steam Workshop integration. We have been testing a closed beta build and things are looking good. We also want to thank everyone who has joined our Homebrew Discord Community and for making it such a positive and supportive environment.

Our short term road map is as follows. First we will release the Steam Workshop Integration update, then release an update/s adding more parts to the game and finally introduce multiplayer back into the game. The changes in the next update are outlined below. Again, we greatly appreciate your support, patience and feedback as we continue on our journey to make Homebrew Vehicle Sandbox the best game we can make.

Steam Workshop Integration

While working on the workshop we had to change the systems that handle vehicle files. Since the last thing we want is you losing your vehicles, it’s of utter importance to make sure that the update is tested thoroughly prior to being set public.

That being said we’re excited to announce that we’ve started the beta testing with some members of the community to avoid unpleasant surprises. Since most of the challenges have been overcome we expect to be able to release this build in the near future.

Our new way of scanning Homebrew assets gathers all the assets that you’ve made on game startup to prevent folder corruption and allows us to add and move things without breaking the browser references.

Another advantage is the fact that the new systems are futureproof since you’re not only limited to vehicles but can share entire projects as well. This will become even more important once we start the implementation of the challenge system.

Naturally the upload/download time will depend on the connection that you have, file size, … but we can ensure you that everything happens in the background allows you to continue playing Homebrew throughout the entire process.

Being an early access game means that content becomes outdated as development continues, since there’ll be a huge pool of community vehicles the current default vehicle system won’t be present in the updated version of Homebrew. That way we can be sure that you’ll always have the latest version of vehicles and devote more time towards new systems.

Part Changes

We have adjusted parts behavior based on what we have learned so far. There’s a big chance that some of your vehicles might need some re-tweaking when the update comes out. This is especially true for propeller planes; in general we advise to set the blade angle value of the propeller to somewhere between 10 and 13. You’ll notice right away that you won’t need as many radial engines to power your prop as in the past, make sure to target your propeller to spin at approximately 2700 RPM and lose some of those engines to reduce the weight. Below you can see some of the most important changes that have been made to the parts:

  • The propeller has been changed so that it provides more accurate force

  • The wing surface areas have had some changes: wings have 1.4 times more lift and there’s less drag along the sides of the wing

  • The weight of the plates has been reduced to ¼

  • Fixed the issue with engines not having sound in the builder

  • RPM and torque curves have been changed for the Falcon 6 and the M14 radial engines, the new values are:

    • Falcon 6 engine: 6600 RPM, peak torque 460 Nm @ 5940 RPM
    • M14 radial engine: 3000 RPM, peak torque 3164 NM @ 2700 RPM
  • Engines can no longer be started without batteries

  • The fuel consumption of the engines and the volume of the adjustable fueltank has been fixed

  • All part tags have been fixed and cleaned up

  • Fixed the wrong seat bug: the robot now always enters the closest seat

  • The red driveshaft part has been removed from the browser (it’s still in game to ensure that vehicles don’t break down but won’t appear in the parts browser), if you still want access to this part please contact us

General Changes

  • Support for resolutions based on the monitor which is in use has been added

  • Fixed bug where pressing F and P opened parts of the main menu

  • Fixed the issue where keybindings weren’t displayed under the correct title

  • You don’t need to hold down F1 to open the menu with the vehicle controls, as of now it’s set to toggle

  • The vehicle control buttons in the F1 menu are indicated with images instead of text

  • Hold X to enter vehicle won’t remain visible after entering the vehicle any longer

  • Added rename, delete actions to the browser

  • Reverse mouse scroll in the browser

  • Solved the issue where the terrain wasn’t visible through the water fog whilst underwater

  • Saving project always opens the picture viewer

  • Fixed the bug where “save project as” broke assemblies which used other assemblies

  • Got rid of the bump in the runway ;)



Awesome game! Content keeps getting better and better. New engine overhaul means I can build bigger, faster and easier. Tuning area is more sophisticated, powerful yet simple in making those finite adjustments to your creation. The community behind this game is fantastic. Many forums available now to discuss the game or make suggestions. I bought into this at pre-alpha and it's changed so much for the better since then. The developers have gone out of their way to listen to community feedback and create areas for players to communicate and share in realtime! To anyone that enjoys creatively building things, get this game. You will love it!

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