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I suppose this can be classed as the first time the community will really have an impact on how the final looks, technically its up to me,but I just wanted to see what the community thinks.

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So hello again everyone,

Recently I have been in abit of a downward spiral concerning the low poly normal maps and textures, because some of it looks... well to put it bluntly crap. And so I put a question out to you via a new video I uploaded, what do you want? a set of low polygon models with slightly higher resolution textures than the playstation? or would you rather I try and go abit further out into development of the models and have the major parts of the model that really matter 3d and make up for the rest with normal maps?.

I know there has to be a balance between how much is 3d and how much is made up of normal maps, to get stuff to look right and perfect, but at the moment I just dont seem to have found it, and its really annoying cause I want to make each model look the best it can, and to do that I need to find this point, where it looks fully 3d, and the textures and normals make the rest fall in line.

So please, take a look at the newest video, and see if you agree with me, cause its going to play a major part in things to come.


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