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Experiences of High Command Officers during last weekends Closed Beta testing. And Hells Gate event after action report.

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This weeks Community Report focuses on High Command officers impression of 1.36 Hybrid Supply and their personal experience during closed beta, and a recap of Operation Hells Gate that occurred this past Saturday, March 30th. Read their impression and After Action Report below!

Hybrid Supply - Beta Review by Allied CinC Bondpaul

This past Sunday, was the day that we have long been waiting for. It was the first day of “Closed” Beta Testing of 1.36, and your High Command Officers and Builders were invited to participate in this week long test. If all goes well, meaning that we do not find major issues that can’t be corrected right away, then next week 1.36 will be offered for “Open” Beta Testing, letting you come in to learn the changes that 1.36 offers.

Keep in mind that this is a “Major” change to how we conducted operations before. This is what I have learned so far about 1.36.

Every front line Town will have a garrison. They will be either French or British, and later American. The initial setup for the Campaign will determine which Towns start as which.

Every Town, behind the front-line Town, will also have a garrison. At the Start the Campaign, these Towns will be the same Nationality as the front-line Town they are behind.

High Command will have the option of changing the Towns Nationality, but there will be a supply penalty, supply will drain to zero then trickle in the new supply. About 15 hours from start to finish.

When we take a Town, High Command will be given 15 minutes to decide what Nationality that Town will be, French, British, or later American. If no choice is given, the system will choose the Nationality of the Town by the Nationality of the Force that took it. So, if a French Garrison took the town, and HC
did nothing, the Town will then be French.

When the Nationality has been decided, either by HC or by System, it will take another 10 minutes for supply to start to trickle in.

NOW here is a big thing to remember. Normally when we have taken a Town, we all despawn and move to another battle. Now it is going to take time for supply to come in, so now we have to stay in the Town and defend it until supply come in. Axis could place a counter-AO on it once we have taken the Town, run efms out and start recapping it before supply gets in. So we will have to defend the Towns we take for a bit. So, please do not despawn right away.

We also have our traditional Divisions, two of them, that we can move around to augment supply and use Offensively. The timers that we are use to are still there when moving into front-line towns, so being that we have supply in all the towns already, I would suggest to keep them in secondary towns until we actually need them. This way they can move in 15 min, around back instead of 1 hour moving back and then additional time moving where we need them.

Garrisons can be over-supplied by 100%. However, they have to come from the same Country, i.e. French to French, British to British, American to American. Our Divisions “cannot” be used to over-supply a garrison.

This “closed” beta testing is being used as a learning experience and next week it will be hopefully opened to all of you to learn. Then after a week or two of that we can then start an “Official” Campaign.

Allies, I truly believe that you will enjoy 1.36. It is very easy to learn, as it always has supply and we will have movable supply. We will always have navy, air force, and paras, in those towns that have airports and/or docks.
We all get to use those supplies that we like the best. More Fun for all! Looking forward to seeing you all in 1.36.

Operation Hells Gate! AAR by Redlegs

Map OIC = Base21
Map XO = Redlegs
KM = Delems
LW = Mingus

The Allies came out of the gate (of Hell) swinging, beginning a solid attack on Izjendijke. The town was holding one brigade against 3 for an extended period until 16ID could be shifted north to lend additional aide. The infantry brigade was beaten down by the sheer numbers, but still Axis fought on. Allies added to the picture the threat of cutoff by sending an AO to Terneuzen, showing that they came ready to rumble. In order to get them off of the attack and back on defense, we mounted an AO on Zottegem, where we had two town links and a full 116 Panzer Division to use. Potthead, kgarner, and others got the ball rolling quickly there, with ZOCs setup with support from infantry and tanks. They continuously pressed on the town, specifically the spawnables. When the time came for our second AO, Base21, Suppo, and I launched on Sommepy. Base21 handled both FBs while we also got FRUs rolling just outside of EWS range, ready to deploy when the second FB was Axis. I feared that this AO might run into a wall early, as my FRU had been up for less than 5 minutes and was already discovered and locked down by a Vickers. However, before long we had 2 other FRUs up, as well as a new one I had brought in, allowing for us to get boots in and cap. The flow was small at first on both sides - maybe 5 Axis soldiers to start against 2-3 allies. Clearly, the main fight was up north. We were able to grab one spawnable, then the south CP, and after 10-15 minutes the 2nd spawnable right by the AB. By this point, numbers had jumped, and there was a battle being had both in town and south at the lower CP. The spawnable in town was the clincher, as we were able to get into the AB Bunker and take it with a little help from our Panzer support outside. It took some time, but the last two Allied spawnables were secured, and the first victory of the day was ours!

We then set our sights on Suippes, another town where we had two links and still had strong supply despite the previous battle at Sommepy. Again, we had great setup, with FRUs all around town, a Panzer column moving in, but the Allies weren’t keen on letting another town slip away. They mounted a good defense, with almost all CPs under constant surveillance. Only by mounting group caps were we able to get in and secure the south spawnable (which was warpable as well), then the other CP west of there. The Allies fought back, making runs on the spawns, taking down our FRUs, and we had to continue to push to keep success coming our way. We lost many of our early panzers, with Allied tanks maneuvering through town and finding weak spots in our coverage. We were able to take them down one by one though, with KGarner racking up so many kills on ETs in town that I quickly lost count on his final total. We also noticed that all Allied AOs were losing steam, showing low EWS and taking huge pressure off of our defenders. Soon enough in Suippes, the AB was locked down, and we were able to get a great final rush to secure it and the second victory of the day.

Teamwork was off the charts today at all levels and fun was being had by all. This was Axis at its best!

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