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Showing some new assets and talking a bit about how the 2D isometric rendering works.

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While I spent most of the past two weeks fixing various bugs, I also did manage to get a few new assets made. So in the above video, I show some of these new assets. I also talk a bit about how the 2D isometric rendering works differently from a 3D engine where all the depth sorting is handled by the GPU. In my fully 2D engine, all depth sorting has to be handled in code/manually, and everything needs to be drawn back to front on a per tile basis.

One of the new assets I made is a fire extinguisher. This was just meant to be a decoration at first, but I've come up with two gameplay mechanics for fire extinguishers as well: They can be activated to provide a smoke cover, and they can be ruptured to blow up and kill any unfortunate souls standing nearby. The latter will require a new gadget that I've dubbed the Precision Blast for now. It's not yet implemented in the game, though. I won't be implementing any of the new gadget ideas I have until after closed alpha testing, which will hopefully commence in a couple of weeks once I have the 2nd map done. I'll announce the closed alpha testing and how to sign up for it in a development video when the time comes.


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Hidden Asset is an isometric assassination/stealth game with an emphasis on utilizing high-tech gear and your environment to avoid detection. As you progress through the game, new equipment will be purchasable for the money you make. The game takes place in a not-too-distant future devastated by a global economic crisis. In this world, corporations are no longer under control of the law. Or morals.


Very nice, I am looking forward to seeing how this shapes up and of course playing it, keep up the good work!

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LaserbrainStudios Author

Thanks! Will do! :)

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