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In the first Hidden Asset development video of 2016, I show how I've improved the gadget interface and also do a bit of scripting.

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It's a new year, and here's the first development video for Hidden Asset in 2016!

In this video, I show the improvements that I've made to the gadgets interface. When I first started developing Hidden Asset, I didn't think that you would be using all too many gadgets during your assassination missions, so the interface was designed with only 2-3 gadgets at a time in mind. But as I've had ideas for more and more gadgets to use in the game -- and since gadgets used during a mission will remain in your gadget interface over several missions if you don't remove them from the interface -- a better interface was needed. So I reused code from the inventory bar to create the gadgets bar, which can now contain as many gadgets as you want, as you'll just be able to scroll through them. And also rearrange them if you want.

I also made another improvement to how gadgets work in the game. Before, if you wanted to retrieve a gadget for use elsewhere, you would have to return to the game world object it was attached to in order to pick it back up. But having to run around and retrieve your gadgets once a mission has been completed would be annoying busywork. So instead, you can now just drag a gadget from your gadgets bar back to your inventory bar to retrieve it. Or you can drag it directly from the gadgets bar onto another game world object you want to use it on. Much more user-friendly!

I also do some scripting in this video to have a dialogue between NPCs trigger when I take the elevator on the first map up to the second floor.


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Hidden Asset is an isometric assassination/stealth game with an emphasis on utilizing high-tech gear and your environment to avoid detection. As you progress through the game, new equipment will be purchasable for the money you make. The game takes place in a not-too-distant future devastated by a global economic crisis. In this world, corporations are no longer under control of the law. Or morals.

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