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I will be taking a pause of developing the mod, I don't know for how long, details in the article.

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Post Napoleonic Era was one of my first ever modding projects, it made me learn a lot about the game and about modding in general. But when having a 2 year old project, it's hard to not want a break.

The mod is taking a hiatus, this means it will have a pause for a unknown amount of time.

Why? Well, there are 2 reasons.

1. Other projects

I've been spending most of my free time on other projects which I actually feel good doing and also give me a bit of fun. Mostly modding other games, like GTA.

2. Lack of fun

I don't enjoy HOI4 as much as I did 1 or 2 years ago, and the current state of the mod is as boring.

I don't feel motivated to go and do something, focus trees at this point is just copying and pasting from other trees or the vanilla game, technologies are a nightmare to work with and I hate waiting 5 minutes to start the game and seeing the thing not working at all.

There are a bunch of barriers that my skill level can't pass, like 3d models and icons. Like, I barely play the vannila game, let alone my own mod.

How long will it last?

Three things can happen with the hiatus:

1. It can be short and I go back quick to the scene (not happening).

2. It can be long and take between 3 to 15 months (like 2020 and early this year).

3. I can simply forget about the mod during the hiatus and never go back (basically abandoment).

For anyone reading this, you have full permission to create submods and unnoficial patches of the mod during the pause, fixing bugs or adding new things. I will still be in the Discord server once in a while, just don't expect anything in the announcements channel anymore.

Along with the article, the mod in it's current development state will be liberated for all, it has some of the things originally planned for beta 1.1.0, if ever happening. You have the right to modify and make mods using it, just remember to credit.

Anyway, thanks for all the support given during these 2 years, I hope you all enjoyed the mod when updates were coming. That everyone reading this can enjoy the mod even if it's paused.

Forever or not, goodbye!

Sem_Roteiro - Main developer

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