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Hi, we are Z2 Game Studios, an indie development studio based in Portugal, here is our next project! Weighless is 2D sidescrolling stealth game based on the player hability to change gravity by throwing his knife.

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The game is set during the Cold War and the player is a secret agent who infiltrates an enemy research base to steal the prototype to a new gravity manipulating device, the agent then finds themself in a situation where they have to use it to escape.

The player can change gravity and hide behind objects to sneak through enemies, gravity change only affects player, enemies always follow the normal gravity.

The player must progress by sneaking through enemies with the hide and gravity mechanics. There are two main levels/areas: the research facility and the storage, the levels are devided in smaller areas that the player must find a way to leave and reach next one.

Here are some basic images explaining the main gravity mechanic:

Game basic description sketch

Game basic description sketch 2

Game basic description sketch 3

Game basic description sketch 4

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