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HeroSquare is an action & adventure game made by me 🙂 It’s a blend of adventure, action, exploration and puzzles, so a kind of a metroidvania. The visual style is a vapourwave interpretation of the early 1980s in videogames.

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I’ve just released a new playable demo at Anothercastle.itch.io

Here’s a little story about it:

What does it mean to be a hero?

The story of HeroSquare begins with our titular protagonist stranded, alone under the stars. Something has been lost, but what could it be?


After wandering for a moment, we discover the first zone in the game. In these blue corridors we find intriguing pathways, but also encounter adversaries who are trying to block the path ahead…

hsq beginnings

After dodging our way through, we come upon a quiet, seemingly abandoned set of corridors. What at first seems like a dead end, leads a chamber vibrating with strange power. At the center of the chamber there is a strange item.

pu hsq

Touching the item has released a surge of energy! Somehow we know: now we can parry. This allows fighting back at the adversaries, by reflecting their bullets back at them!

hsq parry

With this new power, let’s venture further….

Exploring the depths of the blue zone, we come up on keys that unlock the path ahead, we also manage find an item that promises to fulfill our health exactly once, so should make careful use of that.

image1 image2

We get a bad feeling, as the blue walls give to a pink hue that seems somehow more threatening…Just as we set foot into what seems like an arena… the air suddenly fizzes with energy and a huge bouncing square suddenly materializing out of thin air!

hsq bouncy

There’s no other way, this moment call us to battle. It’s time to FIGHT!

...to be continued!

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