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Post news RSS Heroes get homesick, too. They just rarely talk about it. Monthly Changelog #3

A short description on what we've achieved and changed this month :)

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Hello, Commander!

Another month, another changelog. Are you curious on what we’ve been working lately? You wouldn’t believe how much Zoria has changed! Get yourself a mug, sit back and enjoy 😊


Does it ring a bell? 😉

Some of you have heard this name before. Nulbarak is a location known to those who had a chance to play Kickstarter Demo 😉 We decided to implement an improved version of this place not only to reward all of our Backers, but also to give players a choice within the gameplay. You see, we’ve made some changes to Zoria’s story and visiting Nulbarak will be a result of your in-game decisions, so you may or may not arrive to that destination 😉

0181 Nulbarak28

"Quick, look at this painting! It looks just like home." *vases shattering*
"I guess you really miss your home, don't you?"

Day-night cycle

Open areas now have a fully working day-night cycle; The world will act accordingly to the time of the day! Some events will occur only at certain times. This should help make the game more alive and realistic 😊

Screenshot 2023 02 13 18 27 14

5 am morning stroll through the woods. If mother knew...

UI Adjustments

We’re implemetning a new, more aestheticaly pleasing interface. The previous one was good, but this one will be even better and we think it’ll reflect Zoria’s current level of design more. Fun fact: it’s an eleventh iteration, made completely in-house, tailored to Zoria’s needs 😉


Goodbye old, welcome new.

If you want to connect with the community, you can join Zoria's Discord here:


Until next time,
Tiny Trinket Games

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