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Post news RSS Here comes a new Alpha update! Discover what's new in the Alpha 03 update!

Here comes a new Alpha update! Discover what's new in the Alpha 03 update!

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alpha 3

Hello Bringers!

Here comes a new Alpha update! We continued to follow our roadmap and added the fast travel and the temporary upgrade systems.

You will now find Altars of Blood within the ScourgeBringer that will grant you their blessing.

We also continued to address the precious feedback you all have been sending us! Keep them coming!

You can check the full change log right down this news, with a couple gifs to illustrate the new content.

We're already busy preparing what's next, though we will first work toward a Gamescom demo for next month.

In the meantime, stay cool and hydrated!





  • Added fast travel through the map (this will later be limited by skill acquisitions)

  • Added Atlars of the Blood: in each world, you can find an Altar of the Blood that will grant you new powers (Blessings of the Blood) lasting for the current run

  • Added 12 Blessings of the Blood

  • Added French localization of the tutorial



  • Enhanced map display

  • Upgraded our Linux and macOS runtime (stability and performance improvements on those platforms)

  • Removed the unimplemented languages from the settings until they are implemented

  • Allowed to bind the "back/share/select/-" gamepad button in the settings (PC only, because that's forbidden on consoles)

  • Changed the enemy bullets color to be different than the player ones

  • Removed the unused "return to hub" pause option and replaced it with a quick restart option

  • The super attack is now automatically slashing, but you can still slash yourself to speed it up

  • The game auto-pauses when the window gets out of focus


  • Fixed map input style being saved as mouse aiming (and therefore not restoring properly)

  • Fixed mouse selection of the mouse aiming setting

  • Fixed Linux issues with http requests

  • Fixed middle mouse button not being bindable

  • Fixed tutorial typos and wording

  • Fixed "New Game" not being selected when engaging the main menu with a gamepad

  • Fixed returning from pause or menus ghosting the previous input from closing the pause/menu

  • Fixed shop items being selectable before they appeared

  • Fixed hits on bosses not counting as combo hits

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