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This is an article about our development plans on our 2D game. Feel free to post your suggestions and join our group.

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Recently, a kid that is near my age invited me to his group in IndieDb.
His group had a description that they were making a game (survival-horror-puzzle) using unreal 4. Even I couldn't use unreal. So we changed plans and decided to make a 2D game but haven't specified any other details apart that the engine were gonna use is Construct Classic with some plugins. We will be tackling the Windows platform and will not have plans to make any ports. At the moment were still brainstorming more ideas. Please give out your suggestions for our development plans like flaws or possible improvements. Also if possible please join our Group MartiToastGamez. We allow anyone to join as long as they will cooperate within the standards of the group which i may post on a different thread. We will also gladly welcome if any newbies were to join our petite little group.

We are currently in need of the following

  • Level Designer
  • 2 Artists
  • Audio programmer/editor

At the moment we currently work long distance with content being circulated between developers due to us being far apart. I know this system has it's limitations but there are no other alternatives. The important thing is to end with a product from our hard dedication, sweat, blood and other bodily fluids.

Again Please join our small little group

Greetings From

- Marc and Reynaldo

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