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We are now looking for freelancers, do to the fact there is only 2 of us who are working on this the help of the community is needed, also beta is long from being done.

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Official recruitment is now on: Send your portofolio if any on our email If no portofolio than complete help wanted form specify wich area of development you are good in: Almost anyone can apply we are looking for 20 people in animation, scripts, physics, models, sound and music.Help wanted form is located on : Abydos-3d-models.com

We rushed the project and to be honest we are working realy slow also we are working on a simple yet good gladiator game that we will post on Indie soon. As for the War Dogs or as it will be later known as "The Badge" we will be releasing videos and screen shots of our development but are focus has changed to Gladiator game we are in development, becose that project will be done sooner and yet we will learn great deal of game development. Please and realy please help us money from 3d models you buy will go directly in to game development not even one cent i will spend for my self. This is vital to sucsess of this project and any other.

We want to become a video game company that will develop games that are more fun and less graphicly advanced one day we will balance graphics and gameplay. We are the old scool gamers


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