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Special event Sat Hell's Gate and a word on the 1.36 patch.

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chimmThis article is dedicated to the Hybrid supply (patch 1.36) and a friendly reminder about Operation Hells Gate.

Builders and HC Officers report for duty! Check out the article below for more information...

SCKING Updates 1.36 Forum Post

This Sunday - Builder accounts and Axis/Allied High Command Officers will receive access to the Hybrid Supply Beta before it goes on the live server. HC Officers are STRONGLY encouraged to familiarize your themselves with the new mechanics, and test as if it was live. Capture timers are dramatically reduced for testing.

Our Quality Assurance Team Lead, SCKING explains the timeline:

"Last night my team went through the final checks on the alpha version of 1.36 and have given Dev the green light to do a build for public testing. As long as we do not run into any issues with the last few steps, we plan to start testing with High Command and Builders on Sunday and lasting for a week. After that is complete we will evaluate and make a decision about moving to testing with the rest of the playerbase on the campaign server.

So the schedule I have right now is on Sunday March 31st around 12pm CDT (Server Time) I will post to the HC and Builders forums on how to download the 1.36 Beta and any instructions. After that, I will be on discord (will have a channel setup on allied discord) and I will do a walk through with whomever wishes to join in. I will be available for any questions you may have regarding the mechanics afterwards.

The plan is to leave the Beta server running all week so that the HC and Builders can get used to its functions. I think most of you will understand it pretty quickly.

I will try to keep this page updated with more information as we progress onward." SCKING, QA Lead

Beta access will be handed down in your usual communication forums.

If you want to learn more, join the conversation in the forums here!

Information about the new Garrison/Brigade mechanics can be reviewed here.

Having seen this first hand, CRS has done an amazing job SALUTE!

Operation Hells Gate this Saturday

Our Spring Awakening event brought HUGE battles, and the highest in-game population since our Steam release! This Saturday (tomorrow) is our second event of the month! All players will receive Premium access - rank restrictions apply. Come join the fun at 11:00 AM CDT (server time)/12:00 PM EST/4:00 PM GMT. Future events are already in the works, thanks to TMAN, Community Manager.

*Future event times are being considered for players in different time zones*

5 Hells Gate

Be sure to tell your friends!


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