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So, here we are, Wrath Against Time is finally bein shared online...but what do I mean by finally?

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So, here we are, Wrath Against Time is finally bein shared online...but what do I mean by finally?

Well first off, Wrath Against Time is a game being worked on by several people:
The concept was created between myself and a chap named Martin Long, an old friend of mine. All things programming are handled by the most awesome dude on the planet by the name of Sharad Cornejo, whom I met online. Similarly, Project R/Rukunetsu (Youtube) jumped on music, along with Andrew "That Andy Guy" Masson (Soundcloud) a friend of his, and I couldnt be happier. Next is my oldest o' friends Winston "Win Sandman" Lewis up on audio/sound effects, leaving me on design in general and all things art.

This game has been in mind for around 2 years, and there's some history there that i'll leave for another time, but things got serious when Sharad came on board, and that's been roughly 1 year. Between 1 artist and 1 programmer working on their first full game things have taken awhile, but we have a lot to show, and alot more incoming! Everyone on board has proven they are dedicated n have strong work ethic, and are just good dudes to work with in general; between that and our love of old-school games we hope to make something everyone can enjoy!

As the sole (visual) artist on the project, I must also mention that all images are a W.I.P.

Keep us tracked for the newest updates the second they roll out! Happy to be in the community

playemgames - - 32 comments

Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the gameplay in action!

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KendallCoombs Author
KendallCoombs - - 34 comments

thanks man! and yes, will post vids once the dough's been kneeded a bit more haha

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