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Introduction of our project, why we are doing and for who.

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Welcome to United Battle Arena

Quick overview of the project

Hello there and welcome to United Battle Arena. I've started this project as a tutorial series on Youtube. Soon as the project advanced, subscribers asked me when I pretend to release the game. But at that moment, I didn't even had a plan to release this as a game. So I though: Once I'm already developing this, why not release as a game to play with my subscribers and other interested people.

My main problem was " I'm a programmer, how I'm gonna introduce another characters without an artist". So, i've got an idea. Ask to my subscribers to send models so we can make a game together. They liked the idea, and this make me more interested in making a open-source moba.

The project currently have:

  • Movimentation (working properly on network);
  • Animation cross network
  • Melee Attack (working properly on network);
  • 2 Caracters with animations (Trutao (Fantasy Skull), Naruto(Anime Character));
  • First Scenario;
  • Towers (not functional at the moment, just the models)


  • Unity 3D Engine;
  • Photon Unity Network (for network interface);
  • C# Language;
  • No Characters limit;
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