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Dan and Jakob shows you how to mod Hearts of Iron IV & Discover whats in the "Secret DLC".

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Get a glimpse of the new modding tools and how to create content for Hearts of Iron IV with paradox developers Dan and Jakob.

When starting out we decided we wanted to make HOI4 our most moddable game yet. That meant not hard coding things (HOI3 had a lot of hard coded logic and references to certain nations). In HOI4 all these things are in soft code, or part of scenario script setups making it a much better platform for cool mods. We have also decided to include the tool we use (more further down), and while it is provided as-is and not really polished compared to the real game its very useful. The game is also much better at letting you know when you have made mistakes and everything that can go wrong will usually let you know with logs etc.

Once your ready to flex your new skills, why not share your creation, you can add your mod here.

The secret DLC is something called the "Rocket Artillery Pack", which contains a few unique models for Self Propelled Rocket Artillery vehicles. It contains the Katyusha, T27 Xylophone and Wurfrahmen 40 mounted on a truck. Here is a the video shown in the stream yesterday displaying their awesomness.

This DLC will be given for free to everyone who buys Hearts of Iron IV! We hope that none of you guys that actually participated in the sign-up campaign is disappointed by the removal of it's exclusivity and believe, like we do, that everyone deserves to have it. You who actually did the signup will still get exclusive forum avatars, icons, wallpapers and a strategy guide. These are to be delivered on release at the latest.

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