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All you need to know about the future of the Modern day adaptation of Game of Thrones.

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It's been well over an year since the mod first launched and we've had... a few improvements. We went from a small Westeros in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, to a full scale Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos and a whole bunch of other places that only diehard fans of the lore would know. And there is plenty more to come. So, here is a quick list of what to look for in the future. As always, enjoy.

Current version: 0,8 - As High As Honor.

***Plans for this update***

With all Seven Kingdoms having focus trees, now the goal is to improve their interaction. Top priority is to improve the oldest ones. In order of importance: House Tyrell, House Tully, Dorne.

***Religion and Culture***

Version 0,7 brought in the first changes to Vanilla META. Along with the regular ideas, each country now has an Origins tab and a Religion tab. Not all countries have one though, so the feature is still technically a WIP. The idea is to have one for all countries.

Among the most interesting WIP religions:

- The Many-faced God (Braavos): this would work great with an espionage mechanic, but unfortunately, we don't have one.

- God Emperor/Empress (Yi-Ti): The Yi-Tish people are of their believe that their Emperor is God on Earth, therefore, the idea with this one is that instead of getting a set religious bonus, whenever a new monarch takes power, they receive a random trait. That trait can be a major positive but can also be a negative. It will be randomized, so it's all fair.

Braavos storyline and focus:

- One of the ideas is to have a major flood strike the nation and all subsequent investments by the Iron Bank are made in order to help with the recovery.

- Use of the Congress mechanic featured in MTG DLC. This can be used when deciding which sides to invest in during wars.

- Instead of events, the decision to invest in countries is moved to... well Decisions.

Tribal Warfare in Sothoryos:

- The Sothori Republic will remain, but it will only cover a small fraction of the Northern lands and will serve mostly as traders. The continent will be divided into barbarian tribes (at least 3). They cannot declare war or meddle in other affairs, instead they rely entirely on the border war mechanic. Last tribe standing becomes sole ruler of Sothoryos and rejoins World diplomacy.

***Old plans, Good for historic purposes***

Next version: 0,7 - The Prince that was Promised (working title): *ABANDONED IDEA, mechanics reworked to new Religion system*

- Will include a separate ideology based on the Lord of Light. It can't be boosted like other ideologies, instead you can only convert people by force. This is great for adding diversity into the game, since making everyone non-aligned kinda gets old after a while.

Versions 0,9 *May still happen*

- Something Free Cities related. Specifically a new way to play as Braavos. May possibly include a focus tree, but will definitely have a new Iron Bank mechanic that will allow them to better spread their influence.

- A total overhaul of Sothoryos. Rather than a single entity, the continent will be divided into (at least) three tribes that will battle for dominance. - Done!

= Still need to add a shared focus tree for the tribes.

- The Golden Company. A separate rule-set will need to be made for them. The idea is to have them be unable to declare war on anyone by themselves. Instead, they will only go to war if they accept a 'contract' from another country. Then they will declare war via an event, get full military access to the country that gave them the contract and in the end of the war they will pick their reward/payment.

Possible META changes:

Whether the vanilla game mechanics are good or not, depends on your opinion. As of now, they are perfectly feasible for the mod. But, of course, there can always be more done. The ones I am most interested in are:

- Rebalancing of the Economy laws; As of now, Civilian Economy is useless and the only reason to keep it is for roleplaying. There really is no reason not to go to the War Time laws. With a little rebalancing however, the Civilian economy will focus on Civilian factories and infrastructure while the others will focus on Military factories. *Implementation uncertain*

- Culture and Religion: Right now, House Greyjoy has focuses for changing their religion; the plan is to have that be a separate advisor section where each religion will provide bonuses to a given culture. Same with a nation's culture. An Islander culture will have the ability to make stronger ships, the First Men will be more resistant to attrition, the Andals will have research bonuses and etc. *DONE*

Other additions:

These may not be the Feature changes in an update, but are things that I am very interested in adding:

- Special Unsulied units. Stronger than regular infantry, more expensive to produce but require less supply.

- Direwolf support battalions. A unique unit for House Stark.

- House Bolton focus tree. Includes Bloodhounds that give a reconnaissance bonus.

- Expand the Lengii storyline. This is an entirely unique story for the mod and can currently lead to war on the island of Leng. With some more work, you can have it escalate to include the Empire of Yi Ty and the Yellow Empire.

- Reach Power Struggle. House Tarly and House Florent each have their preferred way of doing things. Throughout the game, House Tyrell will need to balance between the two or risk open rebellion.

As the mod progresses, I will check off or add new things as I think of them. Cheers!

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