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Having problems? You should try the M&B battle sizer.

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I've got an Email, and his having some problems with my mod. The game crashes all the time when his troops are firing. If your having this problem then you should try to lower the Size of troops in battle, wich you can do in Options. I tryed it and it works, the game has not crashed anymore since that.

Still having problems?

Try neocryptorian's mini-tutorial.

The sideways file that you mention as missing (INI file) is included in patch 1.011. So everyone that's having this problem should reinstall that patch, or extract that patch to a folder with example 7zip at: 7-zip.org or equal progam. And grab the sideways file and put it into CommonRes and everything should work fine, worked like a charm for me with other mods.

Thanks neocryptorian !!



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