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You spoke and we listened. Learn about how we are addressing community feedback in our first major post-launch update!

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March 20th, 2021 was a big day for Vashta Entertainment. We were excited to launch our baby of 7.5 years into the world, but we were also terrified. What if everyone hated it? Or worse - what if no one downloaded it? For weeks, we'd been scared that the day would come, four people would buy it, and it would be silently forgotten.

We're happy to say that is NOT what happened. Sales have been modest, but they have WELL exceeded our expectations. We've also received some great feedback from the community and, as promised, we plan to improve the game based on it!

In early April we plan to release our first post-launch game update (other than bug fixes!). Here is what you can expect.

One thing we've been hearing a lot is that the voice acting in some places is subpar. We are aware of this fact. To be fully transparent, the reason for this is is that we exceeded our budget. We wanted to pay for better voice acting, but at a certain point we had to choose between graphics and voice acting - and we chose graphics.

Fortunately, because of fantastic launch week, we have more money to put into this game! And we plan on using this money to address glaring issues in the game and ensure we are delivering the product we imagined!

Improvements in voice acting will likely be an on-going process, but expect the first bits replaced in early April.

We've also heard a few complaints that go hand in hand - that the character moves too slow, the character is too small, and the game pace is too slow. So we have two game features we'd like to add to address this.

Zooming In

In April, Harvested will gain the ability to zoom in and out of the map, giving you control over how close you want to be to the player character!

Adjusting Game Speed

We will add controls to easily speed up (and then slow back down) the game. This will ensure players can play at whatever pace they want!

Our community has caught a few issues in the main menu that we'd like to address. First, we are going to add a "Load Game" submenu. This was an oversight, and we apologize. Similarly, we realized the Chapter Selection submenu is missing a back button. We plan on adding that as well.

Harvested launched with 18 story missions and 9 survival maps - but we're not done! In April we will be adding a new survival map. You can expect more to be added in the future.

Thank you everyone for making our launch week so special. We read EVERY comment, direct message, discussion, etc and regularly look for fan-made content on YouTube. If you want us to know something, PLEASE reach out. Your feedback means everything to us!

Stay tuned. This is just the beginning :-)

- Vashta Entertainment

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