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Busy and dire times, but this project is ongoing and expanding!

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Hello everyone, I know I haven't delivered the updates as often as I promised. Things are still unstable with my situation, and managing my online profiles is the least of my priorities at the moment. All my time has been devoted to the game itself and personal responsibilities. I'm still searching for employment and my time in this room I was renting is running out, as I can no longer afford it. Without work, my next move is unclear.

As I said however, I have been working hard on the game. I've heard your feedback on it and I have not only catered to what I could, but I also converted the game into a format I am actually familiar with. Simply first person. The early access demo I released was a fixed third person game. It was also the first time I've ever done such a game type, and proved that it is not my strong suit. So first person is the new format. Art assets have of course been replaced and enhanced in quality to compensate for this change. A storyline is now also being incorporated into the game. Some things have also been removed, such as the intro with the wrecked vehicle. It now serves no purpose. Smaller things throughout the game have also been added or removed, but you'll discover what on your next play through!

I'll be uploading the update in the coming days. Thanks for reading and hang in there!

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