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We show you guys our "Crew members" and announce that Halo solitude will in fact be releasing on the PC as well.

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Hey guys, before we start I want to thank you all again for voting for us in the top 100 list. I would appreciate your votes in phase two.

In this update we show you our default male body that will be used for civilians and crew members onboard certain UNSC ships, we are announcing that halo solitude will be released on the PC aswell, it is no longer a PSP exclusive game.

Male Body 01

I've been busy with an endless amount of work, hiring new members, making maps for the beta , drawing crap loads of concept's, supervising the team and alot of stuff to do with, yes we do have one, real life,. That I have not had the time to do what I love most, model. So I decided to start working on a human male body that can be used for generic crew members, civilians.

I am still working on it, the feet are going to be changed to look more realistic. Here is the WIP render.

Male body.

Now lets compair our low poly model to Halo : CE's model.

Note: The head is not selected there for it does not count the polys on the head. This is purly comparing our body to halo CE's body.

Comparing body's



We also have some news that will please PC gamers, Halo solitude will no longer be PSP exclusive title. It will be released on the PC one week after we release the PSP beta.

Thats it for now, please vote for Halo Solitude, making the top 10 most anticipated mods would be a dream come true. Thanks for your interest in Halo Solitude.

Flaming Ice,

xerofdv - - 144 comments

THANKS THANKS THANKS !!! i am grateful for the screenshots! :)

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Arxae - - 718 comments

hehe good idea of releasing it for pc for a broader audience :p

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Samuk Author
Samuk - - 690 comments

;), Well the engine was being made on the PC first so it would've been kinda dumb :P

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iwantalife - - 455 comments

it's still mainly PSP based though right Sami?

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Samuk Author
Samuk - - 690 comments

Ofcourse ;) It IS based on the psp.

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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

As long as it'll work well on my PSP!!!

Great work fellas

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MauiCar - - 14 comments

first off, yall are AMAZING. thank you so much for making this mod!
and secondly, i have a couple questions. i dont think anyone's asked and i dont remember seeing anything about it, so here goes nothin...
1. is there a story mode, or is it only multiplayer?
2. if there IS a story mode, does it go along with the real Halo story or is it your own story?
3. and what about voice acting? i havent heard anything about that. will there be just grunts and breathy sounds, or will there be actual talking???

thanks! again, youre the best! (and whens the beta coming out? >.>)

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dandi8 - - 72 comments

1. Story mode and multiplayer
2. It's our own story, we're trying to expand upon what happened during the events on Halo.
3. Actual talking, of course (along with grunts and breathy sounds ^^). As soon as we start working on single player. But that's a long time from now, for now we're just focusing on multiplayer. We'll start work on the SP campaign right after we release the MP beta.

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MauiCar - - 14 comments

ok cool. thanks! ^_^
and thanks for not yelling at me too. >.>
cant wait for the beta!

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dandi8 - - 72 comments

Meh, why would I yell? :) It's not like you asked when the beta is comm... oh, wait you did XD
jk ;) Btw. we were aiming for a March release of the MP beta but things sure went random during the last couple of weeks, what with the leaving of our coder, then the arrival of two coders and a new texture artist etc. We're kinda working from scratch here (we're modding the quake-z engine which means porting it to the psp ourselves) so I'm not sure if we'll make it for the release.

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muhu420 - - 27 comments

Really looking forward to the MP beta.

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Mobster103 - - 915 comments

so still no release date?

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majornougat - - 1 comments

Hey any estimates for the beta release date? i understand the campaign is long off, but how about the beta?

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