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February 1 this year, The Art of War: Card Game launched in early access on Steam, where everyone could take part in the beta test of the game. And now, after less than three months of testing, bug fixing and balancing, the game is approaching its final stage of development.

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It was a long and bumpy road, but, finally, the game was released on all supported platforms and marketplaces:

  1. Steam – Windows, Linux, macOs - Store.steampowered.com
  2. Epic Marketplace – Windows - Store.epicgames.com
  3. itch.io – Windows - Brightdawn.itch.io
  4. AppStore – iOs, iPadOs - Apps.apple.com
  5. Google – Android - Play.google.com

During the beta test, the game performed well and at the time of writing has an 85% of positive reviews on Steam.

The Art of War: Card Game is a card battler that has several distinctive features that make this game stand out. Firstly, The Art of War: Card Game is not a collectible game. All cards are available initially and there is no loot box mechanics in the game to get new cards. Secondly, the game mechanics were developed in such a way that getting to know the rules of the game would take minimal time - two matches against the AI, and you are ready for battles with real opponents from all over the world. Easy to learn gameplay and management rules have opened the possibility for a tabletop version of the game as well, which the developers want to release sometime soon.

The influence of Gwent is obvious in this game. And the creators of the game do not hide this. and directly declare what inspired them to create The Art of War: Card Game. Here is what the author of this game says about it:

“The nostalgia of forever gone beta-Gwent inspired us to create our own game. We decided to recreate what we really loved in the old Gwent and improve other aspects that were didn’t like in other similar card games...”

However, despite the soon release of the game from the early access the development of the game does not stop. The creators have already published the webpage of the tabletop version of the game on Gamefound, where everyone can already add the game to their Wishlist. The tabletop version of the game is scheduled for release in the summer of 2023.

Home Screen

Faction Screen

Game Screen

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