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Post news RSS Gwent-inspired battler ready to come straight out of Latvia with a bang

Latvian indie studio Brightdawn Entertainment releases a card battler inspired by the beta version of the popular card game of the legendary Polish developer.

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The Art of War: Card Game is a vivid representative of tactical non-collectible card games. Unlike its collectible counterparts, the game focuses on tactics, and not on collecting rare cards. In this game, players will have to choose one of four kingdoms to rule and fight for dominance in a fantasy setting with other players from all over the world.

The game compares favorably with its competitors by incorporating more thoughtful and clear rules about the procedure for drawing cards and executing card effects. The idea was to make the gameplay so clear that it would be possible to follow the correct execution of rules even without the help of a computer.

The story of creation of “The Art of War: Card Game” began with the release of the beta version of “Gwent: The Witcher Card Game”. The final version of Gwent was radically different from the beta release and the original mini game “Gwent” in “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt”.

“The nostalgia of forever gone beta-Gwent inspired us to create our own game. We decided to recreate what we really loved in the old Gwent and improve other aspects that were didn’t like in other similar card games…- game creator says.


However, the release of the digital version of the game is only the beginning for The Art of War: Card Game, because in a few months it is planned to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the tabletop version on Gamefound platform. The tabletop version will include all the same cards and use all the same rules as the digital release. The main difference between both releases will be that the tabletop version will support more game modes and unlike the digital version available only for PvP game the tabletop version will have game modes for up to four players – players will be able to play both against each other and also play in teams.

The Art of War: Card Game comes out in early access on February 1 on the Steam and will be available to everyone for free. The complete release of the digital version is planned after a couple of months of public testing. The crowdfunding campaign of the tabletop version is planned in the second quarter of 2023.

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