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Gunlocked gets its most massive patch yet, including: A new zone, boss, enemies, pilots, weapons, utilities, augments, achievements, requested features, and community item drops. It's a lot!

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Gunlocked (bullet heaven, roguelite, shmup) is racing toward the finish line with 4 major updates worth of new content. Everything from a new zone and boss to new pilots and upgrades, and all sorts of features and tweaks to compliment them!

If you've been waiting to jump in, now is the time! Gunlocked is also on sale all week, ending August 22nd. So pick it up here for $3.59. Starting September 3rd, the Early Access price is going away, and the final retail price of $4.99 is replacing it.

So what's new in patch 0.72?

  • New Zone: The Lepi Sector
  • New Boss: The Monarch
  • 4 new enemy types
  • New music track (work in progress)
  • Updated music for the Rachni Belt zone (work in progress)
  • Inventory System
  • New Player Tutorial selectable on Apoid Colony Zone
  • 2 New Pilots: Tempest, Ace
  • 3 New Unlockable Ship skins: The Hawk, The Cobra, The Mantis
  • 3 New Weapons
  • 5 New Utilities
  • 3 New Augments (2 pilot-specific)
  • 10 New Achievements
  • Community Item Drops Enabled
    - 7 trading cards
    - 5 badge ranks
    - 4 profile backgrounds
    - 5 emotes

New Zone

  • The Lepi Sector: A challenging zone of death, where swarms of enemies rush you. Featuring the most ambitious evolving boss fight yet seen in the game! Just wait 'till you see the end! And this is only the beginning. More enemies, effects, and balance changes are coming throughout the week.

IDB Storm 003

New Features

  • New Player Tutorial: Selectable from the deploy menu on the Apoid Colony, pop ups will explain the very basics to playerss as they progress. More tips and some overlays for using the upgrade menus are coming. Let me know if there's something that's hard to understand that should be included.
  • Upgrade Inventory: You can now pause the game and select the inventory to take a look at what upgrades you have, their types, synergies, and read a level-agnostic description of what they do.

IDB Storm 002

New Pilots

  • Tempest: An electric new pilot, with a penchant for shocking behavior.
    - Weapon: Buzz Beacons
    - Augment: Shock Collar
  • Ace: For those of you wanting a silly challenge. Ace picks all of his upgrades at random, and you can borrow one of three augments from another pilot. He can start with some strange weapon choices, and push you to get a little creative.

IDB Storm 004

New Weapons

  • The Dronerang: A boomerang style drone launches out in 1 of 5 directions before returning. Dealing damage both directions.
  • Buzz Beacons: Swirling, electric beacons rotate around your ship, damaging and stunning enemies they collide with.
  • Static Surge: A new "powerup" type weapon, that turns you into a ball of electric energy, allowing you to crash through enemies, damaging and stunning them as you go. Beware! You overload your own systems briefly, so make sure you end in a safe space.

GL v057 BuzzBeacons

New Utilities

  • Crystal Drone: A drone made of crystalline gems floats down the screen. Damaging it causes it to shoot beams out at nearby enemies.
  • Voltarget: Your lock on weapons can now deal electric damage and stun enemies
  • Amplifryer: Electric weapons deal more damage and stun enemies longer
  • Recycler: Charges from collecting powerups. Spawns a mini powerup somewhere on the battlefield. Works with Hot Streak and Static Surge, as another new "powerup" type of upgrade.
  • Drone Cloner: Creates a temporary copy of a random drone that you have equipped. The more drones you have equipped, the shorter the cooldown.

New Ship Skins

  • The Hawk: Unlocked with the Aces Hive achievement
  • The Cobra: Unlocked with the Stingking Hard achievement
  • The Mantis: Unlocked with the Moth-R-Load achievement

IDB Storm 001

That's it for this update, but there's still a bit more to come before Early Access ends, so stay tuned!

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